• Sparkling Calacatta

    Sparkling Calacatta

    Just as its Italian namesake, Sparkling Calacatta features a stunning white background contrasting to its dramatic, bolder veining. The veining randomly branches across the entire slab, but still maintains a diagonal direction, making it an excellent choice for book matching. Used widely for interior flooring, cladding, and final furniture tops.

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  • Lasa White

    Lasa White

    Lasa White is a serene variation of our white marble with structured veining. It features a striking white background with consistent, lighter diagonal veining throughout the slab. Often used for interior flooring and bathroom cladding as it complements bolder elements without overshadowing them.

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  • Silver Grey

    Silver Grey

    The Silver Grey range embodies the untamed spirit of Yen Bai nature. It features a grey backdrop with characteristic veining in bolder hues. While the classic variation has diagonal veining, other variations are truly infinitely random, reminiscent to a cosmic sky. This makes Silver Grey ideal for unique countertops, but also a top choice fo...

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  • Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis

    The exotic alure of Aurora Borealis lies in its crisp pastel green shades. In daylight, its calming hues trickle Zen into any interior, used widely for countertops and wall cladding. However, when the night drops and under back lighting, the translucent mint green transforms into electric emerald and grabs the spotlight within any room. When...

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  • Sparkling White

    Sparkling White

    A truly precious gift of nature. The marble's distinctive pureness in coloration and crystallization grant Sparking White it's luminous properties, making it one of the most sought for marbles on the market.

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  • White Calcite

    White Calcite

    Though quite similar in appearance to SPARKLING WHITE, its characteristic white calcite veins, softly outstretched in parallel across the whole slab are anything, but mistakable.

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