The exotic alure of Aurora Borealis lies in its crisp pastel green shades. In daylight, its calming hues trickle Zen into any interior, used widely for countertops and wall cladding. However, when the night drops and under back lighting, the translucent mint green transforms into electric emerald and grabs the spotlight within any room. When book matched, Aurora Borealis displays irreplicable imageries of nature, limited only by one’s imagination. 


Interior cladding, interior flooring, counterops, book matching

  • Type of rock
  • Color
    sparkling white & greenish shade
  • Characteristics
    medium grain, translucent
  • Application
    interior, partly exterior
  • Acid resistance
  • Frost resistance
  • Aurora Borealis- Classic
    • Aurora Borealis- Delicato
    • Aurora Borealis- Bold
    • Aurora Borealis- Finishings