Viet Duc Marble is a young, dynamic company within the Vietnamese Stone industry, established in 2010. Our precious white marble quarry is located together with the factory in the Northern Province - Yen Bai, Luc Yen District. With close-knit cooperation of mining businesses from Europe, Viet Duc operates with the most advanced technology in mining and processing stones. We have established partnerships with the renowned machinery suppliers from Italy - namely Breton, BM, Fraccaroni e Balzan and Prometec. Driven by our founders' extensive experience in the mining industry and our strong presence within the international business sphere, we are determined to bring out the beauty of Vietnamese marble and share it with you. 

It is our utmost priority to always conduct our business responsibly. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to work in Luc Yen and that is why local development is very important to us. We will always strive to bring about solutions that not only benefit us, but also positively reflect on the quality of living of all the Luc Yen residents and the District itself.

We are dedicated to providing quality products as well as excellence in customer care through ensuring continuous, convenient and responsive communication lines, aimed at finding the best solution to your requirements. And to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering products/services of the highest standards.

Through our website, you can find a glimpse of the everyday working environment on the quarry site and factory. Visitors to our quarry are always warmly welcome.


Certification ISO 9001-2015_EN

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